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Use or Export Energy without storage
On grid /Grid tied solar power systems are ideal for industrial/commercial/large housing societies and educational institutions. The On -Grid solar power system produces power during the day time for the internal consumption or export to the Power Grid.

In few states in India, net metering concept is available. There are more than 100 smart cities planned across India that are also going to have this available. The solution is useful right from small house to large organizations. We help clients assess the ROI based on their current power consumption, available south facing space and investment potential.

Under the MNRE & JNSM, all the investment in Solar Energy projects can avail tax rebate of up to 30%. This is due to accelerated depreciation on capital expenditure on projects. Thus the overall cost of the project can be 30% lesser than usual.

We can work closely with you to design the ROI to be less than 3 Years.

How Does It Work :

1. Solar Panels
We provide best in class Solar Panels that are highly rated. Solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years.

2. Power Converter
Inverter controls the flow of energy between solar panels and the electrical appliances.

3. Net Metering
Monitor incoming & outgoing electricity through the meter to see the overall electricity produced and saved.

4. Export to Grid
Surplus energy exported the grid to generate revenue over time, in addition to supporting own demand.

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