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Store and Distribute Energy when needed
Off -grid solar power plant is very useful when the objectives are to deal with power outrage for many hours a day or save cost by using Solar generated energy alongside supplied energy. Best suited for small houses, housing societies & commercial setup in power shortage area. While operating cost of Off -Grid systems is higher than On -Grid due to Battery maintenance, due to excellent tax benefits offered by Government of India, we can help you achieve quicker Return on Investment.

We will help you in every step of your way, whether you aim to solve power outage problem or you want to save cost of Energy.

How Does It Work :

1. Solar Panels
We provide best in class Solar Panels that are highly rated. Solar panels have an average lifespan of 25 years.

2. Power Converter
Works in both ways, charges the batteries as well as converts the battery energy into usable AC power for consumption.

3. Batteries
Batteries store energy for use when there is need to generate usable power. Better batteries need less maintenance.

4. Optional Generator
To guarantee enough battery charge, sometimes generators are used to suppliment battery charging.

5. Power Distribution
No changes to your buildings wiring or appliances. Solar power systems will seamlessly integrate with the existing electrical system.

6.Electrical Appliances
Solar electricity generated will run all your appliances provided they are correct power rating.

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Prachit Renewables is led by Sunil Tongay. Sunil is an accomplished senior manager withover 2 decades of experience strategic planning, research, strategic business planning, new product designing & development.

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